This agreement between Bill Ehrsam ("Composer"), Mindshaft Music ("Publisher"), and you ("Licensee") is as follows:

Licensee shall pay Composer a fee (as determined by the Mindshaft Music rate schedule) for the use of Composer's ASCAP-registered composition (hereafter known as "the composition"). Licensee may use the Composition only as set forth below.

Composer shall receive 100% of all songwriter royalties generated by the public performance of the composition. Publisher retains 100% of all publishing royalties generated by public performance of the composition. Composer retains full ownership of the Composition and grants Licensee the following rights:

Non-exclusive public performance and synchronization rights to use the 
Composition, for the time period specified (as determined by the Mindshaft Music rate schedule), for the production (as determined by the Mindshaft Music rate schedule) strictly as delivered to Licensee and for broadcast only trough mediums determined by the Mindshaft Music rate schedule. 

For the avoidance of any doubt, use of the Composition in any version of the production other than that for which the Composition is delivered: through any media other than that permitted above: for use in any commercial, advertisement, or other promotion of the production (whether taken directly from the production or otherwise): for use in conjunction with any other work or production: or for any other purpose whatsoever other than that described above shall require a separate license. Any such other use of the Composition without Composer's written consent is a violation of this agreement and shall constitute copyright infringement. Licensee shall not edit, modify, remix, or otherwise alter the master delivered to Licensee. In the event of any dispute between the parties regarding the terms of this agreement, Florida courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction with exclusive venue in Pasco County. The prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees and costs through appeal.